kristina (xitalia_girliex) wrote in fatbustersoct06,

just a little intro...

iam so excited to finally be proavtive about loosing weight! my dad started weight watchers through his work, so since i have all the info in my house and all the proper foods to follow it correctly...i decided to do it too! ive been doing it for 2 weeks so far and its been going well. i just dont like that i have to think so much about everything i put into my body. i also have gone to the gym 2 nights in a row...go me!!!
anyways so heres a little info about my body? only 4'11". in high school i weighed 105-110. by the time i got pregnant (2 years later) i was 125 due to that fact that i was no longer cheerleading and doing gymnastics. by the end of my pregnancy i wieghed 175. 1 week pp i weighed 145. and now i weigh about 138. my goal is that by my 21st birthday (woooohoooo!!!!i cant wait :o) ) which is july 10th i will be back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 125. and my long term goal is to be at 115 by the time my boyfriend comes home from iraq in october. sounds do-able to me. i will keep everyone posted....wish me luck...

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